Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Fun (for next summer, of course!)

Apparently I had so much fun this summer that I never updated this blog! Here, to commemorate a summer gone very well, is an educational summery-breeze blog posting that is only about 4 months too late :)

With so many summer activities to accomplish--especially since we have a measley 3 months of summer here--I have found it difficult to keep up with the day-to-day tasks that typically take up most of the day anyway. But it's summer--time to relax, have fun, enjoy the outdoors and the sunshine! To maximize my time I have developed several methods for saving time while having fun in the summer:

1. Forget showering. It's overrated. You spend half your time in swimming pools anyway. So after swim lessons, as the kids are running through the sprinklers at home (because you can never get enough water fun), pop out some suds-less shampoo and get to work. Maybe make sure most of your neighbors are not watching you wash your hair in your yard first.

2. Food: Cooking in the summer is a pain. I love to EAT in the summer, but the thought of turning on my stove on a 90 degree day is just not my idea of fun. Instead, run errands to Costco during meal times :) BYOSC (Bring your own sippy cup!) Just make sure you add in fake "Oh yeah, which aisle can I find this on, again?"s every now and then so that the free sample people think you actually might purchase their products. I rarely leave hungry. And if you still are hungry, they do have the food court--berry smoothie, anyone?!

3. Dog-walking: Most dogs need exercise. My dogs need a LOT of exercise. So go to your fence, open the gate extra-wide, and when Sparky bolts for it, feign ignorance. "Oh, Sparky! Come home!!" Well, I guess it's best to let him run until he decides to return home.....oh well! Okay neighbors, really, I don't do this intentionally. My dogs do more of the "if we hurt her leg by running her over while she's at the gate, we'll get through!" technique.

4. Diaper-changing: If you are at the pool/lake/beach enough you won't have to do it as often! haha. Okay, this borderlines on child abuse. Let me insist that I NEVER use this technique myself.... My kid gets rashes easily, anyway. Well, but it's a nice thought....just slap on a water diaper, and either ignore the slightly yellow-tinted water and just hose the kid down every now and then.

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