Friday, October 14, 2011

According to Me, at 13, I'm Old!!

Wow. I had a difficult September. Not that I don't like September. There are moments filled with dread when I see the "back to school" ads (post-traumatic stress from my school days....), but September usually involves CAKE for me--it's my birthday month.

But this is the first time I had nightmares of the grim reaper--yes, all you older than me go ahead and laugh--I turned 30 (GASP!!!!)!!!!!

But it's like this--when I was 13 I had it all planned out. High school, College, Babies by 21 or 22 (apparently I wasn't very good at math!). And then there was this black void that I call "the 30s." It was when I would officially be old. Probably wrinkly, ugly, grey-haired. Was I right? Probably.... ;)

So September marked the month of depression.

Good thing I left the depressed mood behind! :)

It's October now, so which mood will it be? So far I'm all about baking. Maybe I should call October "Fatty Month?"

Anyway, I'd like to know from all of you: When you were a kid, which age was "old" and did you have a "life plan" like I did (hopefully yours spanned beyond 30)?