Sunday, January 30, 2011

Life, as it has been.

So perhaps we should have a formal introduction. If you do not know me, I am Jen. Wife, mother, dog-wrangler, chef (or so i like to think so--don't tell anyone that i burn broccoli and toast), home remodeler. Lover of outdoor mountain hikes, summer days at the lake, and the ocean breeze on a sunny afternoon. Overall, a hard worker. Born in beautiful San Diego, and wed to my high school sweetheart.

The husband: Blake. Tall, caring, plans the best trips and surprises. Athletic, also a great cook, and is an inspiration to me in so many ways. Home-builder, historian, writer, and closet-installer. And also picked up a position with a local airline. Hello, travel, right?! And definitely an even harder worker than I am!

We opted for a more simple life shortly after marrying. And we settled our lives in Northwest Montana.

I know what you're thinking. Montana?! What a change. But we LOVE it. The people are friendly, the land plentiful, and the directions our lives may take are endless. Sure, the winters are long. But the summer days are too!

And for those of you hoping to find a fan page for your favorite movie, Meet the Robinsons, sorry, but I've just borrowed the name :) This is a blog about the OTHER Robinsons ;)

But where should I begin? Perhaps with our current topics: where to live? what to do (you know, we all have to make a living somehow)? and which school for our children?

Here We Are

Well, here we are. Four Robinsons.

Two of us raised in the city, two of us born in the country--all of us just trying to figure things out. What is our purpose? What should we do? And how to do it?

We may not know these answers yet, but we're going to have fun trying to figure them out!

I hope you will join us in our adventures of travel, cooking, business, gardening, and all things outdoors!